hey, this is my about me page. this is hopefully not gonna be stuff that can identify me obvs. but if you wanna know who i am a bit then here you go! this part of the site is mostly just gonna be graphics of stuff i like, but i'll give a little bit of actual info for myself here.

my name is Caliborn, or just Cal for short.

i use any pronouns, but prefer it/it's or heo/hie most. you dont get to know my gender

i'm not going to share my age, but i'm a minor so pls dont be weird abt me or my ocs!!

i'm an artist, currently working on an MSPFA called Siren Showers. I'm also an ameteur writer, i mostly write for SS currently.

my main interests are MCYT (hermitcraft 8, empires s1 & 2), Homestuck and Vast Error.

my true sign is Sagimini and i'm a Bard of Doom :D